Enjoy Life with Health and Financial Wellness

Increase Your Wealth

"I was already investing and fairly doing well but wanted to learn more when I found this site; it really taught me a lot about the insurances that are critical to not losing massive amounts of money should certain things happen. I am now properly insured and feel more confident about my overall financial wellbeing."
Sandra H.
London, UK

Maintain Your Budget for True Success

Changing our habits, spending less and saving more are the ultimate keys to financial wellness. Staying on track is the only way to build new habits that serve us to achieve this financial success.
"Watching the 6 videos on personal finances helped me to get rid of all my debt and start investing small amounts each month. I'm grateful for this training as it wasn't taught in school nor university."
Amiz K.
London, Ontario

Careers Secure Our Finances and Provide So Much More

What level of joy do you feel from your current career? Are you moving at the pace you intended or feeling a bit stuck or a lot stuck? Is it time for a career change, but you have no idea what else you want to do?
Coaching helps you to deal with all of these situations life can throw at us. You’ll determine what steps you need to take next. And, we’ll be right there to help you through with one-on-one coaching sessions. Contact us for coaching fees.
"As a young person in the second year of my first mortgage; these courses helped me to be diligent to pay on Principal-Only and each month I'm seeing a larger reduction in my outstanding amount now compared to last year when I only made the required monthly payments. I'm so happy I took these courses."
Paul M.
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Relationships Make Life Better

We know that relationships are meant to make our lives better, and many times they do. But, when relationships don’t go as we expected, there can be a massive amount of emotions attached to the problems that may arise. In these moments of unbalanced emotions we can become stuck or unable to cope with the rest of our lives.
Having a coach can help you move to a place that is healthier and life can be worth living again. We talk you through new strategies and help you determine what you truly want for yourself. Contact us for your appointments and to learn about our fee schedule.
"My finances have drastically improved since taking the courses on this site. First I paid off that 18%-interest debt I had each month in the form of a credit card. My card is now only used for purchasing real assets."
Elga S.
Paris, France

Are you stuck in life?

Relationships at home not going as well as you’d like, or dealing with a divorce and all the emotions that go with it?

Want to change your career or improve your finance? We have coached clients on all these areas and more since 2013. Our clients tell us sometimes life gets so busy they wish they could just play a quick video to help them get unstuck, so we’ve delivered.
"When my sister suggested I watch these videos I was skeptical as I thought I knew enough about how to manage my personal finances. First, I remembered my life insurance has savings; check it and learned I was able to withdraw enough to purchase a used vehicle. Was pleased I could do that since vehicles are depreciating. This allowed me to focus on buying a piece of land, a real asset."
Matthew M.
Tampa, Florida

The Laws of Wealth

How to Improve Your Life

First, you must determine what success is for you.  Some people want fame and fortune while others want a happy home and are comfortable living on less. What is success for you? Detail every single aspect to glean an understanding of what you truly want from your life.

Second, determine what goals you now wish to make – write them down so it’s visible, and review them weekly or daily. When setting goals, be sure to make them specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-related. Setting an un-achievable goal can serve to disappoint oneself or set you up to feel like a failure.

Third, call us for a group of coaching sessions. We’d love to help you plan your specific success and work with you for as long as you need to change your current story to one that makes you feel super successful.

"I'm finally encouraged to get out of debt after watching these videos. Leaving my credit card at home is helping me to not make unnecessary, impulsive purchases. Soon I'll be able to invest towards a brighter future."
David S.
Louisville, Kentucky, USA.